Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Tribute is in the Numbers

As I said before in my last entry, the support for Rach, her family, and I has been overwhelmingly amazing. Just to show you some of the numbers of people who have paid their respects to her, this is what I've been told so far:

- Over 2,000 hits on her obituary online at
- Over 750 attendees at her calling hours (and many people had to wither leave due to the cold weather)
- Over 750 attendees at her funeral at St. Patrick's Catholic church in Hubbard, OH.
- Friends and family arrived from either right next door or from thousands of miles away.

These are just a few of the numerical tidbits that give me strength each day.

I want to tell you that I believe that Rachel should have a legacy, due to the amazing young woman she was. It was easy for her to impact many of us, whether we knew her or not. Now it is our turn to get the word out to the world as best we can. I need each of you to be an advocate for melanoma research and education. I went into a tanning salon today in Boardman, Ohio, just to see if there were any types of warnings about the dangers of the UVB rays that are emitted by the tanning beds. I looked for signs and for words in the enrollment packages. There was nothing. Sure, there were warnings about overexposure leading to burns, but nothing about how those UVB rays burn deeper due to their wavelength or that the overuse of tanning beds may lead to melanoma.

I think the world has to learn about her fight. The world needs to understand the dangers of tanning and how they can avoid melanoma even if they do go tanning. I would love to get a worldwide forum, like the Oprah Show or Good Morning America to tell her story and those stories of all of the victims (and survivors) or the horrible disease that is known as melanoma. Continue passing on information to your friends and families regarding these threats. I will be posting some links and videos in a few days showing other peoples' struggles as well as educational and informative sites.

Rachel impacted everyone she ever met. Let us ensure she has a much farther reaching impact. God Bless; make sure you are looking over each others' skin!

I Love you Rachel!

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Huckleberry said...

I think a good place to start (talk show wise) would be a show like Tyra, because she focuses on topics effecting young women or The Doctors, for obvious reasons. I will definitely look into getting her story told on SOME form of show, she deserves it, the fight deserves it.

Your a very strong man and I never cease to be amazed at how well you take such a tragedy and use it for good, the way, I'm sure, she would have wanted you too.

Rachel Cano said...

You're such an amazing person Ricky and Rachel was so blessed to have you as her husband! I admire your courage and strength and I will gladly help you pass her story along.

Lisa Marini said...

It sure is our duty to at least pass along Rachel's story and battle against Melanoma. She wasn't able to win this battle in therms of getting cured; but she can win it by making the world (starting with everyone around her, you, me, friens and relatives) to understand the cause of cancer and to do not be negligent with itself.
God bless you and keep your strenght to continue this story.
Every post I read of this blog I admire you some more. People may think that you're doing what you were supposed to while taking care of Rachel; but I know lots of people that couldn't do what you did even for the loved one... You are lucky to have shared your life with Rachel, and she's lucky too to have spent her last yrs with you!